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Is a Bright Idea

We help your business capitalize on one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. and expand your offerings to customers – without investing in new inventory and infrastructure.

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Solar: A Natural Fit For Your Business

The solar industry is growing – and fast! The U.S. passed the 1 million residential solar installations mark in early 2016, and there is a new solar installation happening every 2 minutes. Those are big numbers – but not when compared to the millions of homes yet to convert. We believe that switching to solar energy should be easy and affordable for every homeowner.

Here’s what it can do for your business:

Generate More Revenue

Our solar enablement platform makes it easy to start selling solar quickly.

Expand Service Offerings

Add a service in a rapidly growing industry selling to current and future customers.

Add Social Value to Your Brand

Solar is a product with tremendous social and economic value that enhances your brand.

Your Success is Our Success

Becoming a strategic partner allows you to capitalize on one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. and expand your offerings to customers. As an Energy strategic partner, you can offer the right solar solutions to your customers and accelerate your business growth with minimal effort.

Quick Start Onboarding & Ongoing Support


You get our quick start sales training along with ongoing coaching whether you sell on the phone or in the field.


We provide marketing support so that your team has the materials and messaging to sell solar.


Your solar customers get a world class installation completed by local experts from the network.


Our team of experts handle the entire project design and planning for your customers.


Unique solar financing options provided by BVI Solar.


Our solar data and business intelligence plugs into your system enabling more efficient and targeted selling.

Partner Resources

  • Operational Partners

    BVI Solar only partners with the the most skilled and reputable local service professionals to deliver a world class solar installation experience. Think Your Business is a Good Fit?

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  • How Solar Works

    The powerful energy of the sun has powered our world for billions of years. Now it can do the same for your home. Learn how the science of solar works.

  • Solar System Cost

    The cost of solar for your home will vary depending on system size, your energy usage patterns, and roof. See the true costs and how you can add a solar system with no money down.

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