Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Save on Your Electric Bill* – Without the Upfront Costs

You know by now that electricity via solar energy can result in significant savings on your monthly electric bill* and protect you from frequent utility rate hikes. BVI Solar believes that every homeowner should have the right to choose where and how they get their electricity. That’s why we offer a no-money-down option for homeowners mindful of their budget.

The BVI Solar Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

BVI Solar’s Power Purchase Agreement (solar PPA) is the perfect option for homeowners who want to switch to solar without the upfront cost – and hassle free maintenance of the solar energy system after they make the transition. With BVI Solar’s solar PPA, we take care of everything from installation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance for the entire life of the agreement.

Free Equipment & Free Installation BVI Solar provides the solar panels, inverter, and all other equipment. We also do the full installation and setup at no cost to you.
System Maintenance BVI Solar maintains the system including needed repairs at no additional cost to you for 25 years.
System Monitoring Continous monitoring
Warranty & Insurance Your system has a 25-year warranty and protection from damage and theft for the length of the contract

 Benefits of Power Purchase Agreements

  • Get started with no money down – and no out-of-pocket costs
  • Pay only for the energy that your system produces
  • Free system monitoring & maintenance for 25 years
  • Option to buy the solar energy system after 5 years
  • Rate predictability and protection from rising utility costs
  • The system is fully insured & transferable to new homeowners when you sell your home

What is a Solar PPA?

A solar PPA is similar to a lease – you pay monthly and the system is owned and maintained by BVI Solar.  But unlike a traditional lease, you only pay for the energy that your system produces each month.

A solar PPA allows you to switch to solar with no money down. It’s a great option for those who want to save on their electric bills*, produce and use clean energy, but don’t want to make a large investment up front – or deal with system maintenance. With a solar PPA, BVI Solar designs, installs, monitors and maintains your system for the life of the agreement.

Our solar PPA’s “pay only for what you produce” model makes it a great option for those who live in areas where the weather fluctuates, which can prevent optimum solar energy production. Not only will you pay less for the energy your system produces during the day – but you’ll pay less to your utility company as well. During the day when your solar system produces energy that you’re not using, your meter will spin backwards – giving you, in essence, a credit on your electric bill. With BVI Solar’s solar PPA, your electricity need is in your hands.

No Worry Maintenance

Free monitoring and maintenance keep your system humming for 25 years.

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*Savings will vary based upon local utility rates, which are subject to change and cannot be accurately predicted, and your usage.

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