Operational Partners

Expert Technicians – Local Knowledge

Working with only the best service professionals in your area ensures that we can install our residential projects at the highest level of efficiency and service level.

BVI Solar partners with only the most skilled and reputable solar installers and service providers in the neighborhoods we service. Our thorough vetting process ensures that the professionals entrusted with your roof and your solar energy solution are the best in the business – and will get the job done right. We believe in supporting your local economy by hiring providers that know your neighborhood and understand the nuances of your local rules and regulations.

BVI Solar partners with businesses who share our values including delivery of top notch service to our solar customers. We bring together the most reputable licensed electrical contractors, solar installers, and surveyors to ensure a flawless installation from start to finish – and beyond.

BVI Solar Operational Partners

Solar Installers

BVI Solar only works with local solar install technicians who carry sterling reputations and proven skillsets. Our solar installation partners ensure that our customer’s solar system combines function and form to deliver a solution that homeowners can be proud of.

Site Surveyors

Each home – and each roof – is unique. BVI Solar utilizes site surveyors with the experience and knowledge necessary to create a blueprint that maps out the optimal custom solar solution for your home.

Additional Opportunities

  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Permit Runners
  • QC Inspectors
  • Notaries
  • Land Surveyors
  • Energy Auditors
  • Tree trimmers
  • Electricians

Solar Partnerships


We’re a full service residential solar energy provider, and a team of dedicated people driven to empower homeowners with choice and alternatives to utility provided electricity.