Solar System Cost

How Much Does Solar Cost?

Let’s face it, while you may know that installing a solar system on our roof is going to save you money* and its also good for the environment, your household budget needs to be under consideration.

Right now, there aren’t any solar companies that can look at your roof from Google Maps or drive by your home and tell you precisely how much a solar system will cost for your home. There are a number of factors that go into designing the perfect solar system for your home and your energy needs.

The cost of a solar system for your home depends on your energy usage or consumption, the available space on your roof, the angle of your roof line and how much money you want to save on your electric bill*. Ultimately, these and other considerations mean that adding a solar system to your home will roughly cost you about as much as buying a new entry level or mid-range car.

Of course, switching to solar has a lot of advantages (more even than owning a car in some ways) which makes the decision to install solar on your home a no-brainer:

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to solar and save money on your energy bills*, the next step is picking a financing package that works with your budget.

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*Savings will vary based upon local utility rates, which are subject to change and cannot be accurately predicted, and your usage.
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