How Solar Energy Works

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Over time, humans have been using and burning resources such as wood and coal to provide the energy we need to “keep the lights on”. Our Sun is the biggest energy source available to us and every hour there is enough sunlight from the Sun to power the entire planet for a year.

Today, solar energy systems are leading us into a cleaner and more renewable energy future. Solar systems convert the free and abundant energy of the sun into electricity that can keep refrigerators humming, air conditioners chilling, washing machines whirling, and homes buzzing with power.

How Does Solar Energy Work

1 – Solar Panels

The solar panels turn sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

2 – Bi-directional Meter

The bi­directional meter simply allows for you to use electricity from the utility grid when needed (at night time for instance) and send energy to the utility company as credits when your solar system is producing more energy than you are consuming.

3 – Performance Monitor

The performance monitoring system measures and monitors all energy generated by your solar electric system and provides alerts about system performance.

4 – AC Disconnect

The AC disconnect is a manual safety switch that can be used to separate the home’s electrical system from the solar electricity system if necessary.

5 – Utility Energy

Your utility company will provide energy from the grid at night or on days when your energy demand exceeds your solar production.

6 – Inverter

The inverter converts solar­-generated DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, the form of energy used by most standard household appliances. If your system utilizes micro-inverters, they are located on the roof, under the panels and may not be visible.


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