Best Price Guarantee

Buy with confidence from BVI Solar!

We are committed to providing our customers with the best value at the, best price on residential solar energy systems.

Purchase a residential solar energy system from BVI Solar, and we’ll guarantee that if you find a comparable system at a better price within 30 days, we’ll match that price!

Best Price Guarantee Program Terms and Conditions

  • BVI Solar’s “Best Price Guarantee” covers all residential PV solar energy systems sold by BVI Solar or its authorized sales affiliates.
  • In order to qualify for this program, you must provide BVI Solar with a written quote for the turn-key installation of a comparable residential solar PV system, dated within thirty (30) days of your BVI Solar purchase agreement (such system, the “Quoted System”).
  • In order to qualify as a comparable system for purposes of the Best Price Guarantee, the Quoted System must satisfy all of the following:
    • System size must be within +/-500 watts of the BVI Solar system size;
    • PV solar modules must be 300 watts or greater, and manufactured in the U.S.
    • Inverter must be manufactured by Enphase or SolarEdge
    • Applicable warranty must be for a minimum of 25 years, and must cover all of the following components: installation workmanship, roof penetrations, power output and inverter;
    • Must be for installation at the same residence as set forth in the BVI Solar purchase agreement; and
    • Must be for installation within 60 days of the Quoted System.
  • Price match will be based on the total installed cost of the solar PV system, including freight, shipping, handling, installation, taxes, credit card surcharges, and any other fees. Not applicable to roofing work, trenching, carports and other non-solar PV components.
  • Best Price Guarantee program cannot be combined with other discounts and offers, and is not valid for prices offered by discount membership clubs (such as Costco or Sam’s Club).
  • Valid for system purchases only; excludes system leases and power purchase agreements.
  • Valid for sales on or after October 25, 2018.

BVI Solar reserves the right to discontinue this Best Price Guarantee program at any time. BVI Solar will honor the Price Match Guarantee for Comparable Systems submitted prior to the termination of this Best Price Guarantee program.